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  • Morris Minute Men officially incorporated in February 1952;

  • Membership increased from 30 men to more than 90 men, women and teens;

  • New ambulances were added and replaced as needed – today the squad has four ambulances;

  • A new building was constructed to house the squad’s vehicles and serve as headquarters;

  • Call volume has increased significantly – today we respond to an estimated 2,400 calls per year.

Most significant, some 70-plus years later, our dedication to volunteerism and support of the community continues.  And we continue to volunteer with no cost to the communities we serve.
For a more detailed history of the Morris Minute Men download the PDF.

Donations make it possible for the Morris Minute Men to continue providing competent, confident care to you, your family or your neighbor without charge.

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The proud tradition continues.  For more than 70 years there has been a group of extraordinary individuals – men and women of all ages – who are highly trained and able to respond instantly to any incident where emergency medical services are needed.  We are Morris Minute Men Emergency Medical Services.

Much has happened in those 70-plus years.  Some of the more significant changes to our organization:

It’s the year 1941.  A group of men from Morris Plains and Morris Township, New Jersey realize that there exists a need for a group of trained people to be able to respond to any first aid event when needed. The group needed to be highly mobile and rapidly deployed, in fact, within a minute.  The group was formed as the Morris Minute Men.  The Minute Men name was adopted to reflect the goal of volunteers responding quickly to community need, in the tradition of the colonial militia and in keeping with Morris County’s colonial history.  A vehicle was purchased and converted into an ambulance, a communications system was set up, and training implemented.  One of the most important tenets of the new first aid squad – members would volunteer and people that were helped would not get a bill.

Fast Forward to Today

Proudly Serving Morris Township and Morris Plains Since 1941

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