The State of NJ will pay for EMT class for anyone who is a member in good standing of a volunteer first aid squad (like the Minute Men). Join the Minute Men, run shifts, and we will sign the paperwork so that you will qualify for this training. You must earn your EMT certification within one year of joining the Minute Men, or you will be asked to leave. You cannot stay a trainee forever and need to make room for the many eager applicants who are willing to become productive EMTs, answering 911 calls for our squad. Ride-along members do not help us answer 911 calls!

Weekend, weekday and evening classes are available at the Morris County Police and Fire Academy and at areas hospitals. EMT training consists of 110 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of training in the hospital emergency department. To maintain this certification, EMTs are required to obtain 24 hours of continuing education plus a refresher course every 3 years.

It is the responsibility of the trainee to sign up for, attend and pass the EMT course, and it is up to you to maintain your certification by taking continuing education. The New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (NJ OEMS) is in charge of certifying EMTs. If you have questions, please contact them at 1-888-463-0252. They can also answer questions about reciprocity with other states. The OEMS web site for checking your EMT status, as well as finding and registering for all classes (including EMT class) is

Below are some local EMT classes. This list is not comprehensive. It is merely for your convenience. Use the OEMS web site to find classes in other NJ cities.

Upcoming local EMT classes

Dates with a link (underlined) give you the ability to print the application out right now. Print these sheets out, fill out the forms, then bring them to the Captain or Assistant Captain for signatures. These classes fill up very quickly (long before the start date), so you won't be sure you are in until you call for confirmation and they tell you "yes!" Apply as soon as possible.

Here's a link to the statewide list of EMT classes. Below are some local ones for your convenience.
  • For questions on classes at the nearby Morris County Fire Fighter and Police Academy. Call 908-522-5395.
  • For any of these training centers follow-up is important. It's more effective to call repeatedly than to just leave a message.

  • For questions on classes at Chilton Memorial Hospital (Pompton Plains) call 973-831-5170 to get latest corrected schedule, an application and to register.

    Be prepared to take the class seriously. There's nothing sadder than someone who takes the whole class, but then doesn’t become an EMT because they can't pass the exam or they missed classes.
    Here's a web page with tips for doing well in EMT class:

    The EMT exam

    Once you have completed the EMT class (plus any makeups) and your hospital clinicals, you must take the NJ EMT exam
    Find and register for the exam

    Once you have taken the exam you should start checking to see if you passed. It will take from 2-6 weeks to be processed. Once your name is on this website you are an EMT! Your score will come in the mail later (even if you failed). You may retake the exam twice if you don't pass. You must take an EMT refresher class (24 hours in duration) if you want to keep trying. Did I pass?

    Required training

    You are required, by law, to take the following classes as soon as possible (click on a link to take online):

    Submit your certificate of completion for these classes for us to put in your official file.

    "Basic Life Support" Healthcare Provider level CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training

    All members are required to maintain current Basic Life Support CPR which must be renewed every two years. The initial course lasts approximately 4.5 hours; refresher classes last approximately 3 hours. We are usually able to provide CPR training in-house, but it may also be obtained at most local hospitals or the Red Cross (1 year cert). Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis. Classes at our facility are paid for by the squad. If you take the class elsewhere you may have to pay for it yourself.


    Emergency vehicle driving skills are taught in a three-step process as drivers are gradually introduced to safe techniques. Drivers are also required to complete a Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) course to ensure safe driving skills.


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